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Work with the Korean Consulate General in HCMc.

Date 23/08/2017, Binh Phuoc delegation by Mr Nguyen Van Loi
Provincial Party secretary - Head of the Delegation of the National Assembly led a meeting with South Korean Consul General in Ho. HCM. And working with the delegation Korean Consul General - Mr. Park Noh-wan.

At the meeting with Consul General of Korea, Mr Nguyen Van Loi - Provincial Party secretary introduced a number of potential advantages of Binh Phuoc. Accordingly, Mr Nguyen Van Loi - Provincial Party secretary wishes consul general is a bridge linking the South Korean enterprises with Binh Phuoc, inviting businesses to invest in a number of fields such as renewable energy (photovoltaics God); projects husbandry, food processing; High-tech agriculture; the industrial production projects using labor-intensive; cooperation in education - training ... At the same time, help Binh Phuoc working with 02 local twinning Korea to expand public diplomacy.

Korean Consulate General - Sir Park Noh-wan, welcome province delegation to visit, work and inform the diplomatic situation of the two countries Vietnam - Korea. Also notice that the Korean business investment tends to focus on Vietnam. Binh Phuoc future is also one of the provinces that Korean investors want to invest in Vietnam are male oriented. Consul General will introduce to Korean enterprises to invest in Binh Phuoc province in the time to come and promised to help Binh Phuoc in signing the 02 local means to expand diplomatic.

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Mr. Nguyen Van Loi - Provincial Party secretary thanked the Korean Consulate General in Ho. HCM has created conditions for the meeting a success. At the same time hope to soon see the Korean Consulate General and businesses to learn, invest in Binh Phuoc.