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Dialogue on taxation and customs with enterprises in Binh Phuoc province in 2017

Implement Plan No. 49 / KH-UBND dated March 16, 2016 of Binh Phuoc People's Committee on the Investment, Trade and Tourism Promotion Plan 2016. In the morning of June 8, Minh Hung Korea, Chon Thanh district, Binh Phuoc province, Center for Investment, Trade and Tourism in cooperation with Customs Department, Provincial Taxation Department held a dialogue "taxation, customs and enterprises. Binh Phuoc in 2016 ". Attending and chaired the meeting were Mr. Nhat Linh Truong Tan, Deputy Director of the Investment, Trade and Tourism Promotion Center, Mr. Luong Truong Ngoc, Deputy Director of Customs Department, and representatives of Taxation Department. 100 enterprises have customs procedures in Binh Phuoc.

Mr. Nhat Linh Truong Tan, Deputy Director of Investment Promotion Center, Trade and Tourism.

At the program, the enterprise was led by the Tax Department to disseminate Law No. 106 issued by the XIII National Assembly on April 6, 2015 on amendments and supplements to a number of articles of the Law on Value Added Tax, the Law on Special Sales Tax Tax Law and Administration.

After the introduction of the tax policy, the program was transformed into a business dialogue aimed at enhancing and furthering the reform of tax and customs procedures and creating a transparent and favorable business environment for the community. business co. The conference has received more than 20 questions of enterprises, many businesses have frankly raised the opinions and proposals are quite specific, practical, such as: Where the enterprise has paid export duties to the State Treasury However, customs has not yet received the money, the enterprise can provide the payment slip certified by the bank which has transferred the money to the customs procedures clearance and release. Customs clearance ...

Businesses listen to the response of the state management agencies.

With respect and satisfactory answers from the Customs, the representatives of businesses participating in dialogue are satisfied. Particularly, matters falling beyond their competence, the Customs Departments and Tax Departments shall report them to their superiors for consideration and settlement at the earliest time.

The dialogue has solved difficulties and obstacles, created a favorable environment for the operation of enterprises and strengthened the cooperation between enterprises and tax authorities and customs during the implementation of the procedures. the administration of the State./.