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Banks - Enterprises remove credit in 2016

In the morning of April 20, 2004, at the conference hall of the Center for Consultation on Trade Union Law - Hung Vuong Street, Tan Binh Ward, Dong Xoai Town, Binh Phuoc Province. Center for Investment Promotion, Trade and Tourism in coordination with the Association of Small and Medium Enterprises and the State Bank of Vietnam branch Binh Phuoc held the workshop "Banks - Enterprises remove credit in 2016" This is an opportunity for enterprises to solve difficulties and problems in the process of bank loans.

Attending the seminar were Mr. Dung Truong Quang - Director of the State Bank of Vietnam - Binh Phuoc branch, Mr. Nhat Linh Truong Tan - Deputy Director of Investment, Trade and Tourism Center, Mr. Vo Quang Thuan - Chairman of Small and Medium Enterprises Association and leaders of Agribank, BIDV, Sacombank ... together with over 40 enterprises in the province.

Mr Nhat Linh Truong Tan, Deputy Director of the Investment, Trade and Tourism Promotion Center, delivered the opening remarks.

This is the premise for enterprises to have access to easy capital and reasonable interest rates.

According to the State Bank branch in Binh Phuoc province, there are about 20 credit institutions in the province. In 2016, there are two more credit institutions with outstanding loans of  33.5 trillion VND. Particularly for enterprises, by the end of March 2016, outstanding loans to 1,311 enterprises were VND 10,413 billion, accounting for 30.77% of the total outstanding loans in the whole area.

Mr Dung Truong Quang - Director of the State Bank of Vietnam - Binh Phuoc branch exchanged at the seminar.

Throughout the workshop, the bank grasped the causes of difficulties, obstacles of enterprises, consultants, help businesses access to the package of interest rate loans of banks. In addition, banks are evaluating the credit quality and debt recovery capacity of loans, implementing appropriate debt settlement measures, restructure repayment terms, reducing lending rates. , consider new loans ...

Conference scene

In the coming time, banks will continue to go along with enterprises, timely implement measures to help overcome difficulties and obstacles, help businesses have capital to develop production and business.