Tin Nổi Bật


Introduce about ITTPC
  1.  Investment, Trade and Tourism Promotion Center of Bình Phước Province


I. Organizational structure:

- Personnel-administration.

- Investment promotion division.

- Trade promotion division.

- Tourism Promotion division.

- Consulting-services.

- Showroom.

II. Functions – tasks:

  1. Planning programs, projects on promotion of investment, trade, and tourism  of the province.
  2. Coordinating related departments for setting up portfolio called for annual investment according to investment fields and/or investment areas.
  3. Promoting and disseminating investment encouragement policies or images of commerce and tourism activities, inland and abroad.
  4. Training and refresher on improving professional capacity for managers in businesses who are investing, trading, or operating tourism businesses in the province.
  5. Operating the electronic information system for consulting the investment procedures, making projects, registering product brands or promoting attractions
  6. Providing information on investment, trade and tourism directly and online for organizations and entrepreneurs who come to learn investment environment, business opportunities, experienced business connections.
  7. Being a focal point to receive and guide investment procedures, to make investment records, to organize promotion activities on investment, trade, and tourism  cooperation inland and abroad.
  8. Support businesses located in the province to search, to access to the medium and long term financing of the banking institutions, the investment funds  ...
  9. Guiding and counseling for individuals and economic organizations inland, the foreign partners how to select investment partners, cooperation, negotiation, to receive projects prescribed by laws.
  10.  Survey and research of markets; holding or co-holding fairs and exhibitions for trade and tourism, export exhibitions in and outside the province; holding conferences and seminars on promotion of investment, trade and tourism.

III. Address:

National Route 14 , Tan Phu precinct, Dong Xoai town, Binh Phuoc province.

Tel: (84) 271 3818666                      Fax: (84) 3818667

Website: binhphuocittpc.gov.vn

Email: binhphuocittpc@yahoo.com.vn